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Here are Our Best Golfing Gadgets for 2022

Whether you're shopping for a lifelong golfer or a beginner, we've rounded up gift ideas for every kind of golfer in your life.

Shopping for golfers can be challenging. This list includes gifts that will make your golfer smile, as well as practical presents that they can use on the course.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors with GPS Rangefinder

For improving your swing, the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors with a golf GPS Rangefinder delivers a low-cost way to measure your statistics on an easy to use smartphone or tablet app. The sensors are placed at the grip end and do not interfere with your game. The GPS rangefinder adjusts for wind, temperature and elevation using the Arccos Caddie.

Get Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor with GPS Rangefinder on Amazon

Callaway Ball Retriever

A top choice among amateurs for retrieving their errants shots, the Callaway Golf Ball Retriever is lightweight and very reliable. You can choose between a 6-foot and a 15-foot retriever. Callaway retrievers are simple to use for all levels of golfers. The well-constructed retriever, which is small enough to fit in your golf bag and can be used to save one or two golf balls on your next visit to the fairway, is compact enough to keep it safe.

Purchase Callaway Ball Retriever on Amazon Here

Boxing Glove Cover for Drivers

This gift packs a powerful punch. Get the statement cover that protects your most powerful clubs. This high-quality, hand-made golf headcover can customize the look for your bag. This classic design has hand-sewn panels. This humorously themed golf club covers is pga tour inspired. Pros on tour trust it.

Boxing Glove Driver Covers on Amazon ⪢


These strong, durable tees can be used across any course and in any weather. Tees will be the most sought-after golf gadget in 2021. These tees come with a handy measuring guide on each model. They are also made with high-quality rubber for protection of your golf ball during every shot. These tees are durable, super-protective and well-priced.

Get THF Plastic Measure Golf Tees on Amazon

Tee Toss

Part of the joy in golf is its focus and frustration. But, when you succeed, you feel incredible. This tee putting game is great for backyards and rec rooms.

Get the Tee Toss Game from Amazon ⪢

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

The trunk organizer is an option for those who need extra help in storing their gadgets. You will be able to keep your equipment and golf gear organized while on the move. Whether or not you consider yourself an organized person, we could all use a little more storage while up and about. You can store all your golfing equipment with ease thanks to the organizer's dividers and pockets.

Get Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer on Amazon

Selfiegolf Record Golf Swing

There will be many golf gadgets 2020 is known for, including this selfie clip. It isn't a tool that will help you take better selfies. The clip attaches to your bag. You can't always depend on what your caddy says in terms of improving your swing! With the SelfieGolf attachment, you can record your strokes and watch them back to see how you can improve.

Get Selfiegolf Record Golf Swing on Amazon

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

This gadget is the perfect tool to improve his putt, while taking up very little space. He can take it to the basement, the garage, or even the living room, so when it’s too cold to play outside he won’t lose his touch.

Get PuttOut Pressure from Amazon ⪢

Oakley Holbrook Woodgrain Polarized

You want a retro style but not sacrifice modern-day performance. Oakley's Holbrook Woodgrain Shades feature an inspired look based on icons from the silver screen, particularly in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. These sunglasses are the tops in style. These sunglasses are made of woodgrain and have Oakley logos and metal rivets. Oakley's O Matter frame is also made from lightweight and durable material. Oakley describes the lens as having 6 base geometry, UV protection and polarization to eliminate excess glare. The Holbrook Woodgrain HDO (High Definition Optics Technology) provides a more accurate image and lower distortion vision throughout the entire field of view.

Get the Oakley Holbrook Woodgrain Polarized at Amazon

G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker

This golf speaker is easy to use. Portable bluetooth golf cart speakers that instantly sticks to a golf cart and other metal surfaces. This rugged iPX7 Waterproof & Dustproof wireless portable speaker is perfect to take on and off the course. G-ROK provides you with a 24-hour battery life, 30 foot range of wireless sound quality, and a strong magnetic hold on your golf cart. This speaker is essential for golfers.

GetG-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker on Amazon

Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition

Perfect Practice Putting Green - Indoor Putting Mat with 1/2 hole Training for Mini Games and Practicing at Home or at The Office

Get Perfect Putting Mat - Standard Edition on Amazon


Sometimes the simplest gadgets can be the most effective and help us improve our game. This golf simulator will help you improve your technique and make it easier to position your club correctly while swinging. According to the manufacturer, up to 80% are misusing their clubs. The SKLZ grip boasts muscle memory technology, which means it'll help you build better habits. The golf trainer doesn't allow forced swings so when you practice with it, it will build good habits.


Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

Bushnell Wingman GPS speaker is an all-in one gadget that gives golfers GPS readings, a superb bluetooth speaker and a voice coach with seamless integration with the company’s app. The GPS speaker has 36, 000 preloaded courses so you will have all the places you love to play.

Get Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker on Amazon


This is the most adult-friendly of all the gadgets for golf. This leather pouch is an irreverent gift for anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. MySack bags have many physical benefits, even if they look funny. It clips onto most golf bags easily and has Velcro for heavy duty use.

Get The Mysack Golf Ball Storage Bag on Amazon

This collection of gadgets will be the perfect gift.

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Here are Our Best Golfing Gadgets for 2022